We are an association of highly trained registered psychologists embodying a strong sense of professionalism, responsiveness to clients’ needs, and integrity.  Since 1998 we have served the needs of our clients in Calgary in the downtown sector.  


Our unique strength is our ability to draw on individual and collaborative expertise to the benefit of our clients.  Our work reflects continuing leading edge research and developments in psychology, which enables us to offer comprehensive psychological services.


We continue to be leaders as psychologists specializing in both psycho-legal and the needs of our clients in a variety of areas.  As well, we are arbitrators and mediators trained in conflict management. In addition, we offer a wide range of assessment and counseling services to individuals, couples, and families.



• Family Mediation

 Comprehensive Mediation
• Arbitration
• Insurance Mediation
• Custody and Parenting Assessments (Practice Note 8)
• Consultations
• Adoption Parenting Assessments
• Litigation Support
• Assessments for Compensatory Issues

Training for professionals



• Learning Potential and Educational Assessments
• Career and vocational assessments
• Individual, Couple and Family Counseling
• Divorce and Parenting Issues
• Post Trauma Stress
• Stress/Crisis/Anger Management
• Depression and Anxiety



• Employee Enhancement Programs
• Management and Work Teams
• Management Relations
• Transition Management
• Leadership Evaluation & Development
• Support for Corporate Initiatives
• Critical Incident Work
• Executive/Managerial Selection
• Outplacement Services
• Program Evaluation
• Customized Program Development
• Training
• Research Design and Implementation
• Performance Measurement
• Human Resource Consulting 


We are committed to a practice oriented to our clients’ needs, first and foremost.


Location - Our offices are located at the corner of Riverfront Avenue and 1st Street SW in Calgary.   Parking is readily available.   Our office is comfortably between Eau Claire District and the Chinatown area.  


Design - In addition to the convenience of our business offices, they are designed and appointed in a manner which offers comfort and confidentiality to our clients.
Extended Office Hours - We recognize the demands of business and daily living, and special appointments can be made beyond regular office hours.


Prompt Emergency Services - Though our psychologists may on occasion be working outside our offices, our staff can readily contact each via personal cellular telephone in an emergency. Additionally, if the psychologist with whom you are dealing is unable to assist you, he or she will refer you to another associate who can provide assistance to you as required.



Our staff will serve you in a prompt, courteous and informed manner. We have professional staff who provides assistance with the administration and scoring of psychological test instruments. Today’s increasingly demanding world presents many challenges. At times people are able to handle these difficult challenges on their own, or with the help of family and friends. On occasion, life’s stresses and strains become too much to handle. Talking to a psychologist can help.

Psychologists are professionals trained to assess, diagnose, and treat a full range of emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and relationship problems.

As psychologists, we work with you to better understand your problems and find ways to help you resolve them. As psychologists, we help people help themselves.


For more information about our range of services call: (403) 266-2017 or info@worldpsych.ca