Nikki Bergstrom is a Registered Provisional Psychologist providing both psycho-educational assessment and counselling/therapy to children, adolescents, adults, and families relative to educational and mental health concerns (e.g., giftedness, learning disorders, cognition, social-emotional-behavioural, anxiety, ADHD, etc.,). In her clinical work in assessment, Nikki takes a strengths-based approach, highlighting ones’ unique strengths, while utilizing targeted and evidence-based standardized assessment tools to clarify areas of need and inform intervention. In therapy, Nikki’s approach is both systemic and solution-focused in that it considers the client in context with the various ‘systems’ at play in their life (e.g., important relationships, culture, work, school, etc.,), and tends to be oriented towards clarifying goals and creating solutions (as opposed to dwelling on problems of the past).

Committed to expanding her competency in evidence-based assessment, Nikki recently completed training on the gold-standard Autism assessment tools (i.e., ADOS-2/ADI-R) and will soon be adding this skillset to her clinical work in coming months. With respect to counselling, Nikki recently completed a 70-hour externship in Systemic Family Therapy with renowned family therapist and psychiatrist, Dr. Karl Tomm. Additionally, Nikki is undertaking specialized skills training in the psycho-legal arena through The International Centre for Children and Family Law, which includes Meeting with Children: A Child-Centered Approach and Meeting with Parents.

Nikki retains memberships to the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP), National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), and Psychologists Association of Alberta (PAA). Prior to joining Fong and Associates, Nikki’s graduate training led her to pursue paid research assistantships in a variety of subject areas (e.g., examining the effects of stimulant medication on children with ADHD; understanding the work experiences of young adults with Autism) as well as an independent research study (i.e., thesis investigating how school psychologists are trained to diagnose and treat math learning disorders). Most recently, Nikki worked with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers seeking to understand how kindergarten students experienced school-based Covid-19 safety measures.

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