Our Critical Incident Trauma Response Program is a specialized, professional response to any critical incident that evokes an intense emotional reaction and that is potentially traumatic. Events we respond to include, but are not limited to:

• Environmental disasters
• Accidental death
• Robberies
• Violence
• Suicide
• Murder
• Hostage taking
• Terminal illness of a colleague or coworker

Traumatic experiences shake the foundations of our beliefs about safety. Emotional aftershocks may appear immediately after, within a few hours or days, and sometimes weeks or months after a traumatic event. Mismanagement of traumatic events can lead to the development of incapacitating symptoms and consequences such as:

• Physical: fatigue, dizziness, rapid heart rate, etc.
• Cognitive: poor attention and decisions, confusion, nightmares, etc.
• Emotional: irritability, depression, anxiety, guilt, loss of emotional control
• Behavioral: suspiciousness, withdrawal, hyper alert to environment, alcohol consumption, etc.


• Increased absenteeism and presentism
• Reduced productivity and impaired performance
• Increased claims under insured benefit programs (short- and long-term disability, pharmaceuticals)
• Employee turnover
• Low morale


Our Critical Incident Trauma Response Program: 
• Educates about normal symptoms of stress and stress management strategies
• Provides a safe environment to process thoughts and emotions
• Is deployed without delay
• Is based on strong case management
• Provides follow-up protocols for as long as needed

Our specialists are trained in the leading evidence-based treatment model for traumatic events. We are committed to your immediate and long-term mental well-being.